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Our elders have been talking about and looking forward to our meeting since last June when Brother Davis was invited to be our speaker.  But we cannot let the meeting be just talk and planning.  Now 
is the time for action!
The success of the meeting will depend on the members of this congregation.  It is hoped that each and every member is praying fervently for the meeting and working diligently to promote it to friends, neighbors, and family members. Announcement flyers are made and should be used by all of us to invite others to the meeting.  
We have sent out announcements to area congregations.  I spoke of the meeting at an area leadership luncheon this past Monday.  Preachers and elders from 8 different congregations were in attendance and several said that they planned to be here on Monday and Tuesday. But the success of the meeting depends on all of us at Beville Road.
Every member of the congregation should plan to be here for every session of the meeting.  The meeting is themed by Brother Davis as “Decision 2018- We Will Serve the Lord.”  This meeting can help all of us be better acquainted with God, be more knowledgeable of the gospel message and the Church, it can give us a better view of ourselves, instill in a us a greater sense of commitment, and stimulate greater interest in spiritual things!
Brother Davis is trained as a clinical counselor and speaks and writes frequently on the home, family, marriage, and parenting.  He serves as an elder for the Arlington Church of Christ in Jacksonville.  He has been preaching for 40 years and is well qualified to speak to us from Biblical and practical perspectives.  I am confident that Brother Davis will do his part in preaching.  Each of us needs to do our part to support the meeting.
Let us all be present each session.  Let us pray and invite others to attend.  Sit toward the front and listen attentively to each message.  Let us be courteous and friendly to all visitors.  Let us listen to the messages with an open mind and make application to our own lives.  Our efforts will be blessed as we serve the Lord!






week sermon 5

Religion that makes a difference

presented by
Bruce Daugherty

  1. Our Minister
  2. What you can expect when you visit


Bruce was born in Warren, Ohio in 1959. His father, Emanuel Daugherty, is a gospel preacher. He married the former Gayle Gleaton of Fairview, Georgia in 1981. He and his wife have two sons: Mike age 28, lives in Chicago, working in the advertising community and Vince, age 25 who is married to Tiffany and teaches high school in Daytona Beach.

Bruce received his B. A. in Bible from Freed-Hardeman College in 1981. He received his M. A. in Church History from Harding Graduate School of Religion in 2006.

Bruce served as an associate minister for the Reynoldsburg (Ohio) Church of Christ from 1981-1983. He was a missionary in Cervignano, Italy from 1983-1990. He preached for the Beville Road congregation in Daytona Beach, FL from 1990-2000. He preached for the 10th & Clairmont Church of Christ in Cambridge, Ohio from 2000-2011. In November 2011 he returned to Beville Road to serve as their preacher. He has held gospel meetings in Florida, Ohio, West Virginia, and Tennessee. ,.......more


What you can expect when you visit.

When you visit the Beville Road Church of Christ you will find a congregation of warm, caring and loving Christians. A congregation that loves God and a congregation that is genuinely happy to see visitors. This congregation is autonomous and is under the oversight of elders (pastors, or bishops), with a group of men serving as deacons, and we have a minister (or preacher). All of this follows the teaching of the New Testament and we follow the teachings with special significance paid to the statement "speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent."
At the worship services on each and every Sunday, we participate in five different elements of worship: prayer, singing, hearing God's word through a message, participating in the partaking of the Lord's Supper and giving of our means through financial contributions. Please consider the following scriptures in regards to each of the elements of worship.
Romans 12:12 "Continue steadfastly in prayer"
I Corinthians 7:5 "Give yourselves unto prayer"
Ephesians 5:19 "speaking one to another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord"
Hebrews 2:12 "In the midst of the congregation will I sing Thy praise" ..... more


•  Marshall would like to meet with the youth and their parents  01/14/2018 after the worship service in the auditorium.
•  Rico Brown will be preaching for us 01/14/2018 evening worship service.
•  The next Friday Night Bible Study is on January 19th at 6:30 PM in the annex. Please bring finger foods. Tim Enck will be teaching the lesson.
•  Be praying for and planning to attend our Gospel Meeting with Dr. Bill Davis beginning January 21st and going through the 24th. We will meet at the usual service times on Sunday with meeting times on Monday through Wednesday at 7:00 PM. If you are able to provide a lunch or dinner meal for Dr Davis and his wife for Monday through Wednesday, please sign the sheet on the back bulletin board.

•  The Monthly Fellowship Meal will be on January 21st following the morning worship service. The ladies in charge are Gayle Daugherty, Valarie McDonald and Sonia Hock. The food sign-up sheet is on the Ladies’ table.

•   Check the bulletin boards for activities at Area Congregations