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“I’m Redeemed” is now history. We had a good week of learning and lots of fun putting the week together. The theme was brought home by all the creative work of the teachers in their classrooms and in the Bible lessons which teach us about redemption. One of the reasons I like VBS because it gets nearly the whole congregation involved, from teachers and assistants to those who served refreshments to those who helped to clean up afterwards. And there were those who contributed refreshments or gave money for them. And there were all those who furnished rides to bring young people to VBS. Nothing else comes close to the involvement VBS brings to a congregation.

I want to thank all of our teachers for a great job: Mary Stone and Tiffany Daugherty with the nursery class; Loretta Devine and Joyce Sims with the 2-3 yr. olds; Christal Fennell and Susan Griffiths with the 4-5 yr. olds; Mandi Macon and Tiki Kuykendall with the 1-2 grades; Gayle Daugherty and Shantelle Kuykendall with 3-4 grades; Randy Kuykendall and Paul Adams with 5-8 grades; Vince Daugherty, Marshall Macon, and Steve Odu with the 9-12 grades; and Emanuel Daugherty, Rick Kenyon, Hiram Kemp, and Vince Daugherty with the adult class. Thanks to Tim and Carrie Enck for all the behind the scenes support. Thanks to those who manned the registration table: Marie Cheek, Fran Himes, and Valarie McDonald. Thanks to Denise Anderson for photography. Thanks to Stella Russomano and others for all their hard work in serving the refreshments each night.

Numbers only tell part of the story. Each night we had first time visitors. This is encouraging as we reach out to our local community.

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 The Abiding Principle of Worship

presented by
Bruce Daugherty



Vince Daugherty - Donations for Florida School of Preaching


I am planning to attend the Florida School of Preaching in Lakeland, Florida beginning in August of 2017.  It is my intention to become a gospel minister.  The schooling will entail a rigorous two year program to train and equip me for preaching.  My wife Tiffany and our 9 month old son Ellis will be accompanying me.  While in school, the FSOP does not allow students to work, so raising of funds is a necessity.  The school does not provide full financial assistance to any student.  In order for me to attend will require me to seek out some financial assistance.  I respectfully plead for your financial support for my family and me to attend. My plans are not taken lightly and have been contemplated for a long time with much prayer. .....more


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  1. Our Minister
  2. What you can expect when you visit


Bruce was born in Warren, Ohio in 1959. His father, Emanuel Daugherty, is a gospel preacher. He married the former Gayle Gleaton of Fairview, Georgia in 1981. He and his wife have two sons: Mike age 28, lives in Chicago, working in the advertising community and Vince, age 25 who is married to Tiffany and teaches high school in Daytona Beach.

Bruce received his B. A. in Bible from Freed-Hardeman College in 1981. He received his M. A. in Church History from Harding Graduate School of Religion in 2006.

Bruce served as an associate minister for the Reynoldsburg (Ohio) Church of Christ from 1981-1983. He was a missionary in Cervignano, Italy from 1983-1990. He preached for the Beville Road congregation in Daytona Beach, FL from 1990-2000. He preached for the 10th & Clairmont Church of Christ in Cambridge, Ohio from 2000-2011. In November 2011 he returned to Beville Road to serve as their preacher. He has held gospel meetings in Florida, Ohio, West Virginia, and Tennessee. ,.......more


What you can expect when you visit.

When you visit the Beville Road Church of Christ you will find a congregation of warm, caring and loving Christians. A congregation that loves God and a congregation that is genuinely happy to see visitors. This congregation is autonomous and is under the oversight of elders (pastors, or bishops), with a group of men serving as deacons, and we have a minister (or preacher). All of this follows the teaching of the New Testament and we follow the teachings with special significance paid to the statement "speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent."
At the worship services on each and every Sunday, we participate in five different elements of worship: prayer, singing, hearing God's word through a message, participating in the partaking of the Lord's Supper and giving of our means through financial contributions. Please consider the following scriptures in regards to each of the elements of worship.
Romans 12:12 "Continue steadfastly in prayer"
I Corinthians 7:5 "Give yourselves unto prayer"
Ephesians 5:19 "speaking one to another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord"
Hebrews 2:12 "In the midst of the congregation will I sing Thy praise" ..... more

• Our next Fellowship Meal will be on June 11th. The ladies in charge are Christal Fennell, Stella Russomano, and Lisa Sogunro. The food sign-up sheet is on the ladies’ table..

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